Old bricks

old bricks sell

First, we sort our old bricks.

Sort obtained bricks. We check cracks, discoloration, size and type. We create quality groups and according to these groups, we offer material for customers

We prepare for shipment.

We pack ready and sorted reclaimed bricks on pallets. The material is carefully secured for shipment. We put everything in the farthest and safest way for shipping.

old bricks europe
Old bricks and woods

Do you need an brick?

Examples of bricks from the 19th and 20th centuries

old bricks scotland
old bricks france
old bricks germany
old bricks deutschland
Old bricks England Poland
Old bricks England
Old bricks from Poland

Reclaimed Bricks.

The bricks we offer for sale are recycled. The main source is permanent buildings for demolition. The material can be used for:

old bricks scotland garden
old bricks england walls
old bricks scotland garden
old bricks england garden